Self-Driving Cars: The Wave of the Future?

Self Driving Cars and Insurance

Although we still seem to be years or even decades away from the hover cars we were promised back in the 1950s, another future vehicle — self-driving cars — are a lot closer to being a reality than you might think. In fact, Google’s fleet of self-driving vehicles can already be seen on roads across the country, and they’re currently street legal in four states.

Despite all of the current excitement about Google’s prototypes, we know it will be years before self-driving cars take the world by storm. Just look at electric cars to see how long it’s taken for that trend to catch on! Still, only two brands — Tesla and the Nissan Leaf — are known in the larger marketplace.

As researchers and car manufacturers look toward the future, they are exploring all kinds of options, not just how cars are powered. And right now, a lot of attention is being paid to self-driving vehicles.

When self-driving cars become part of our everyday landscape, you can expect quite a few benefits:

Work Commutes Will Be More Efficient
If you live in the East Valley, such as Queen Creek, Gilbert, or Chandler, and work in central Phoenix, you know that you can spend upwards of two hours in the car each day going back and forth to the office. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to catch up on some work during that time? Put the finishing touches on that report, make phone calls undistracted, or send some emails while your car chauffeurs you to the office and back. If your office tasks are complete, you could use the time in the car to read a book or even take a nap!

Traffic Accidents Will Be Drastically Reduced
Nearly 1.2 million people die on US roadways each year, and that number can be all but obliterated by the use of self-driving cars. Using cameras, laser radar, and software to create 3D maps of their surrounding areas, these Google test cars have logged approximately 700,000 highway miles across Nevada and California — with the only recorded accidents being the result of other drivers or when the cars themselves were piloted by human beings. Google is now testing their software in crowded cities, where distractions occur continuously, and the cars will soon be able to respond immediately to unexpected events.

The Cost of Insurance May Go Down
With the chances of accidents occurring practically eliminated, it stands to follow that insurance rates are predicted to go down when self-driving cars make up the majority of vehicles on the roadways. That’s a huge benefit for drivers, especially since we have no clue yet how much this technology will cost. Think of it in terms of electric and hybrid cars: Their initial price tag is often higher than that of their gas-powered peers, yet that cost is offset by being able to drive past the pump. Consumers may be willing to take on a higher initial investment for the peace of mind and lower insurance costs associated with self-driving cars.

Whether you drive a traditional gas car, a hybrid, an electric vehicle, or something else entirely, you will always need excellent insurance to cover your cars and motorcycles from accidents and loss. Contact your Queen Creek insurance experts at The Insurance Team, who will assess your needs and create the perfect coverage with the best price!

We’re available at your convenience at 480-626-1860 with your free quote. And keep us in mind when you get that self-driving car!

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