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Why Do I need Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance is required in Arizona to legally drive on the roads. If you have a license and/or own a vehicle, you must have auto insurance. The state minimum required limits in Arizona are only $15k per person, $30k per occurrence, and $10k of property damage. The Insurance Team recommends carrying higher limits of liability and we will explain why a little further down the page.

What is covered on an Auto Insurance Policy?

Bodily Injury Liability- pays for the medical expenses that you cause other people through an at-fault accident. This coverage will pay up to your policy limits. If the medical expenses exceed your coverage limits, this can have a significant effect on your financial future. This will be discussed below.

Property Damage- pays to repair or replace damaged property caused by you through an at-fault accident. If the damage to property exceed your coverage limits, this can have a significant effect on your financial future. This will be discussed below.

Medical Payments- pays for medical expenses incurred due to an auto accident, regardless of fault. This is an optional coverage. This coverage can be applied to your health insurance co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.

Comprehensive (Other than Collision) Coverage pays to repair or replace your damaged car from perils other than collision. Comprehensive typically covers fire, theft, falling objects, vandalism, and more. This is an optional coverage.

Collision Coverage pays to repair or replace your damaged car if you are in an at-fault accident. This is an optional coverage.

Towing & Labor Coverage- this is an optional coverage up to the selected limits for towing if your vehicle breaks down, if you need your car battery jumped, if you locked yourself out of the car and more.

Rental Reimbursement- this is an optional coverage that helps to pay for the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired after a car accident.

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BE SURE THAT YOU’RE COVERED: Tips for Auto Insurance-

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage- If you do not have enough coverage on your Auto Insurance policy and you cause an accident where the medical expenses and property damage exceed your limits, you can be sued and the other party can try to recover damages. The cost of health care is high and it is only getting higher by the day. The cost of an ambulance ride to an emergency room where a surgery is required could easily exceed the state minimum limits in Arizona (15/30/10). To prevent from your financial future being severely and negatively impacted, The Insurance Team recommends higher limits of liability. It may cost you about as much as a cup of coffee per day to have higher liability limits, but this is much better than being sued for $25k or more, plus it provides you peace of mind with having higher limits of coverage. For Homeowners, The Insurance Team recommends a minimum liability limits of 100/300/100.

Medical Payments- This coverage can come in handy for many people as it can help pay the cost for deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, etc. Many of our clients have had to use Medical Payments when involved in accidents and they are glad that they had the coverage to help pay for Physical Therapy and Chiropractic visits and other medical expenses.

Full Glass Coverage- This is an optional coverage, but it can come in very handy in Arizona. There is no deductible required to fix or replace glass on a covered vehicle. Be careful not to abuse this coverage because when you are looking for new insurance, a lot of insurance carriers are looking at how many glass claims an insured has filed and will either surcharge the new business policy or not accept the new business if there are too many glass claims on the record.

Rideshare- If you drive for Uber or Lyft, make sure that you ask about this coverage.

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Contact Us here on our site or call The Insurance Team at 480-626-1860 or email us at Info@theinsteam.com and a member of our team will be happy to shop rates with over 20 insurance carriers to find you the most affordable Auto policy for the best coverages that fit your individual needs. You can also visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/InsuranceTeam.

Carriers that The Insurance Team represents for Auto Insurance:

Safeco, Progressive, Travelers, Nationwide, Stillwater, Mercury, Kemper, State Auto, Mapfre, Bristol West, The Hartford, Encompass, Dairyland, The General, Hallmark, Gainsco, and more.

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