Not all insurance agencies are the same! Choosing the right one can make a big difference – in price, service, and value. We represent multiple insurance companies and compare protection and prices to find the best value for you. We’re not computers – we are real, live members of the Queen Creek community, and we’re committed to being your advocate in times of need. Our commitment is to serving you.

"I didn’t think that I could find a better rate on my homeowners and vehicle insurance than what I was paying! I had Steve run those quotes for me and I was shocked at the low rates he was able to get for me and my family! I’m so excited that I have a local representative that I can call up and meet in person if needed. I highly recommend you give my friend Steve a call for any of your insurance needs"
Dawn Oliphant

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How much insurance is enough?

No doubt about it: we’re all watching how and where we spend our money these days. And with meeting insurance people left, right, and center, you may have stopped listening. “Yes, I have insurance. It’s the minimum coverage, but I don’t want to pay more than that.” That is definitely one approach to take, but […]

Prepare your teen driver with these 3 steps

Your teenager’s sixteenth birthday may be only a few months away or seem like light years ahead, but the thought of sending a novice driver out into the world is enough to give any parent a slight panic attack. Truly, automobiles are two-ton weapons and need to be handled with respect. But then add in […]

Do I need Renters Insurance?

Whether you’re 20 and moving into your first apartment or a long-time renter, not owning your own place doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance to protect your belongings. Too often, renters believe that renters insurance isn’t a necessity for them. They wrongly assume that the property owner’s insurance will cover their personal items. But when […]